Tornado Safety at Beebe & Runyan

In case a tornado threatens our multi-storied building, we are advised to go to the lowest level and/or most interior part of the building and to stay away from elevators.

If you are in the Beebe & Runyan Condominium building, and you hear a tornado siren, head for a stairwell and descend toward P1. Do not use the elevators. Once you are in P1, move as far as you can away from the windows or stay in the lower stairwell.

You might want to consider bringing a flashlight and drinking water with you. You might also want to consider bringing a blanket to protect your head in case of flying debris.

If you are away from the Beebe & Runyan Condominium building, remember that one of the worst places to be during a tornado is in a vehicle. Tornadoes generally track from southwest to northeast or from west to east. If you find yourself in a vehicle, drive at a right angle to the storm, with the storm on your left or right and continue driving until you are a considerable distance away.

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